About Snapwelt

About us

Built By Photographers, For Photographers.

Snapwelt is a photography platform to enable event organisers and photographers to manage all media at events.

We help awesome photographers, event organisers out there you have put the time, effort, and passion into creating your photos and you deserve to stand out from the competition.

We make it easy for you to attract as many eyeballs as you can with a perfect platform to exhibit, share or sell your photos that are instantly accessible and updated through seamless dashboard which can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

No Subscription charges or any hidden costs. Pay as you go, each with a minimal percentage of commission with each sale you make.

Inspire photographers to believe that their work is valued by people.


Create event and easily upload photos you have already taken from anytime or anywhere in the world.


Easily to share & promote all your events photos over multiple platforms with a unique QR code or link.


Your customers can search photos with selfie or BIB number. And they will buy photos they liked from the result.

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